Season 1 cliffhanger: Oh fuck, Moriarty!

Season 2 cliffhanger: Oh FUCK Moriarty

Season 3 cliffhanger: OH FUCK! MORIARTY???

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The Snowmen new promo pictures.

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A Town Called Mercy v.s. The Doctor’s Daughter


Do you think maybe David Tennant watched this and was like…….dafuq?

A great example of someone who thinks character development ruins shows

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Is it just me or does JLM!Sherlock remind anyone else of Eleven?
First impressions though: Loved the costume design, didn’t fancy the music. Um, I adore the interpretation of the characters although they are different. The story was ok. Well, considering that they have to give a lot of time to character introductions in pilots it was good. I suspect that the second episode will be great, since they can use more time to explore the story further.

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'If you can remember something it can come back' - The Doctor 


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Hush now.

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My name is Cass.
Gothenburgian. Sherlockian. Whovian.
Twentyone. Raised by dogs. Andrew Scott devotee.
Mostly sci-fi and superheroes.

Currently watching:
Alcatraz, season 1
Community, season 1
Lost, season 6
Star Trek: TOS, season 1
Historieätarna, säsong 1


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